Rug Munchers – 5.11d

20m / 66ft, 7 bolts


A very popular short route that has many large holds and big moves between. Fixed and fun, it is not over until the very end.

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  • 5.11d
  • 5.11d
  • 5.11d
    What an incredible route. Big holds consistent pump mix cream chess! 2nd sport route and I already love. Thanks to griffin and Jacob. Will conquer my fear of heights and be back next year for ‘Boiler room’
  • 5.11d
  • 5.11d
    2nd session on this. did all the moves on the 1st session but ran out of steam due to the lack of energy day... then today we did two warm up climbs and then decided to go straight to this. day flashed it. thanks for the belays and stoke, nicole! so amped to tick this one off! sustained climbing