Welcome to Sendage Climbing

  • Sendage helps you manage and track your climbing achievements.
  • You can create a ticklist of projects to help you reach your climbing goals.
  • Discover climbs and areas using our powerful search filters.
  • Follow other other climbers to keep up to date with their accomplishments.
  • Statistics that summarizes your accomplishments for the year.
  • Sendage doesn't believe in ranking yourself amongst your peers. Every send counts. So log everything!

Getting Started

  1. After you login you will be taken to your My Sends page.
  2. Click Add Another Send to add climbs that you have already sent.
  3. It is possible to import climbs from your 8a.nu scorecard to quickly build your Sendage profile.
  4. Choose New List from the menu to create a ticklist of projects.
  5. Once you have a list, tick a checkbox to indicate that you sent a climb.
  6. Fill out as much information about your send as possible. People will want to know about your success!
  7. Come back here anytime by clicking Getting Started at the bottom of the page.

Further Help Getting Started

If you have any other questions, please email us at support@sendage.com.