Missing in Action – V7


Start seated just left of the nose with your left hand crimping an incut sidepull on the face and your right in a notch. Throw to edges and grovel left to the mantel (Tyrone Brett, 1998)

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  • V7
  • V7
    How majestic looking! The whole sit start controversy of this climb is silly, it feels the same difficulty both ways.
  • V7
    Was trying the climb with the far right heel but was lectured on the sit start so had to change my beta. Turned out to be an easier start for my size! So thanks, I guess?
  • V7
    start avec talon droit, pas facile d'atteindre la prise au centre
  • V7
    I’ve heard a lot about people not doing a sit down start for this. So I made it an effort to start with my butt on the ground so I wouldn’t get in trouble hahah either way, great boulder with fun moves and a sic toe hook.