Gastronomical – V5

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"Start on a sidepull under the leaning tree. Go right to a rail then up the smooth face by the tree." (Tyrone Brett, 1997)

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    This is one of the hardest V5s in the universe. It's been on my "forever project" list since... 2010? Very, very tricky if you can't reach the jug slot/pocket. SO PSYCHED (i screamed with excitement) to send today.... and on my birthday no less
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  • V5
    Ahhh!!! Can't believe I hopped on it for the first time in a wet November because nothing else was dry. Had 2 damp sessions on it. Then worked on it in March. Was going to go home, but the gang told me to try it again, and I sent! With Rich, Renata, Guy.
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