Beast Man – V3


Start on a low undercling. Move up to an intermediate undercling and then move your left hand into a deep gaston pocket. Set up your feet and throw right hand to the jug and then match it. Find some feet and hit a shallow intermediate pocket before bumping to the top jug.

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Recent Sendage:

  • V3
    Fun movement. Short tho.
  • V4
    definitely not V5. not sure about V3 though. move was huge and the topout was a bit freaky. very fun despite being a chossy mess lol.
  • V3
    Big move to a really sharp jug. Was kind of hard to want to try after seeing the massive bloody flapper it gave Dan. Definitely not v5 like the guidebook says
  • V3
    Kinda chossy but really fun! Pretty soft if you’re tall
  • V3
    One move wonder. Meh.