Brave New World – V5


Located on the edge of Land of Oz south of the two warm up traverse boulders. Start on two edges and move up through sidepulls, a block and edge, and a jug to topout.

DONT FORGET TO TOP OUT or it doesn't count!

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Recent Sendage:

  • V5
    Super psyched to bop this one after basically a whole year (10ish sessions) of trying. Definitely got in my head a lot (and almost gave up) but the crew had my back throughout every session. Couldn’t have done it without you guys for real. Allez
  • V6
    This boulder was kinda meh. Overall movement was interesting but its glassy, breaking, not too aesthetic. Also I don't get why people refuse to upgrade this clear sandbag but are trigger happy any time they believe something's soft.
  • V5
    Classic Glen moon board
  • V5
    Pure board climb, did it 3 times in a row to get a good camera angle. Slightly easier than the right exit (The Doors Of Perception). Fun climbs to warm up fingers
  • V5
    fun boulder with beautiful views of the river. Holds become very wet very fast so send quickly