Windy City – V5

Description:   (under review)

Had to rework my beta a few times for this one. A fun problem once it's been figured out but extremely frustrating until then. Technically possible to do with 1 pad but not recommended. Strangely beta intensive given how many options it greets you with.

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Recent Sendage:

  • V5
  • V6
    Flowy. Managed to static all the moves :)
  • V6
    Strangely beta intensive given how many options there are. Fun climb once figured out though
  • V6
    Great movement, visually appealing, perfect height, okay landing if padded well - all the right ingredients for a Glen Classic. Also first Guidebook 6!
  • V6
    Spent absolutely forever on this one and it felt great to finally get it as a birthday send. Don't want to touch this one again any time soon since the bottom holds always tweak my fingers.