Tim's Arête – V9

Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    One of the best in this style and grade.
  • V10
    It was not pretty, but we got to the top...
  • V9
    Aka ‘Left at Last’ the best boulder I have eve climbed. Nothing could changed could to make this climb even better no way. I was able to pull it out pretty quickly despite 30 degrees and a couple slip ups. Shout out griff for the support and apologies for squandering the best conditions of the day. The grade feels like the cusp of 9/10 but I did a French start of the jug so who am I to talk. 5 stars +++++ 👍👍👍
  • V10
  • V10
    last go best go. was I the only one who found the top out hard to figure out..