Italian Jam Shop – 5.12a

30m / 98ft, 17 bolts


Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12a
    2nd go; so long!
  • 5.12a
    This one felt harder than AJ. This was due to the lower face, which is actually the hardest climbing on the pitch, and the fact that the kneebars I got in the roof were not as good as the one on AJ. I would reverse the grades and call this one 12b and AJ 12a. In any case, both are stellar, stellar routes. And so long!
  • 5.12a
    Not sure if this was the 12c or 12a?????? May have done the 12a? May have done the 12c? Lol-also not sure if I onsighted or flashed it, may have done it last year too? I don't know a damn thing about this route
  • 5.12a
  • 5.12a
    2nd go :)