Black Hole – V11


aka Black Hole Right. The proper finish for this climb is to exit right. There is a slightly easier variation called Black Hole Left.

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Recent Sendage:

  • V11
    A dream boulder. When I pictured sending this one, I imagined I would be pumped and have to fight through the finish moves. On my actual send go, I felt fresh, like I was trying the end in iso. It was nice to find my flow. The saga finally ends! Crazy to see the progression going from pulling on it for the first time 3 years ago and thinking it was the craziest thing to getting close 2 years ago to firing it off this year. A full circle moment. Psyche is brimming!
  • V11
    Another dream climb! Happy Peter (+zz+alex) were there to spot me at the end
  • V11
    Fired off immediately after doing the left, end feels chill if you have enough juice to just grab the crimps. Would've loved to try Black Magic but bottom was too wet
  • V11
    Unreal climb. So stoked. First V11 since 2019. Getting the psyche back.
  • V11
    Had such a hatred for this climb but today it went down o the tired go and I honestly loved it.