Rigormortis – V9

Description: edit

Right hand edge, left hand side pull jug to start. Either start with your right heel in the start of orient or with a left hand left heel match. Traverse your way across some sloppy crimps with an undercling jug into orient express.

Recent Sendage:

  • V9
    Flows nicely! Not a bad time :)
  • V9
  • V9
    Sent with the newer heel beta, didn't feel like doing the OG beta today
  • V9
    Too similar to orient that I feel the start moves only bump it to soft V9. Foot was not in scoop to start.
  • V9
    Wicked problem with very unique movement if you do a contrived "OG" start position. Low end V8 if you stretch a heel hook in the start of Orient Express and skip out on the intro sequence.