Electric French Fries – V2


South side of the Danzig (No U-Turn & Life O'Reilly) boulder.

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  • V2
  • V2
    The best/worst V2 at the Glen
  • V2
    I'm not sure what the starting holds are supposed to be here. If you are allowed to use the high right hand (which was pretty stretched out for me, I could barely reach it) then the V2 grade makes sense. If the start is lower, then there is no way this is even a V3, as someone else said, I've climbed easier V4 at the Glen
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    Great Slab! Feels like climbing up a flat wall. V2 seems harsh but I am not confident enough to upgrade officially - my opinion is that V3 seems more appropriate. Top out was sketchy but true to the climb and since landing is great so not too big of an issue.
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