Acid Wash – V10

Description: edit

A large move at the beginning of the problem separates the rest of the climb from lest difficult but demanding climbing. Some consider this problem soft for the grade, and may be your first v10.

Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    Reachy for me... feels like v10 using the undercling bump with left hand in the shitty dish
  • V10
    soft v10 but nice problem
  • V9
    3 goes today. Tried it at the end of a trip a couple years ago. Not sure that this is even solid at V9 if you're tall with long arms....
  • V9
    Definitely harder than the right variation. Not quite V10 though, new guidebook has it at 9. Maybe the right line also needs a downgrade?
  • V9
    There has to be one climb that's the softest V10 in Bishop. Felt like V9 for my reach though.