Warthog – 5.12a

15m / 49ft, 5 bolts


The first route on the lower ledge on the left side of the Amphitheater. Ends at the 5th bolt, continue on for "Dinosaur Highway" (14a).

Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12a
    Should have onsighted. 2ng go. Pretty fun!
  • 5.12a
    3rd go
  • 5.12a
  • 5.12a
    I made up my mind to send this climb as a way to get my fitness up. While I still don’t love it, I’m happy to have sorted out some decent beta up high.
  • 5.12a
    god damn mothertruckin pigs. I hate this rock climb and all that it represents: pigs, which are hard and awkward to wrangle, much like this climb. Ask me how I know how hard pigs (and this gosh darn rock climb) are hard to wrangle? I've wrangled both, and I hated every minute of it, but we do it for the greater good. To bring home the bacon, and also to fall off dinosaur highway. To that end, I will continue to hate-climb that friggin pig till the deed is done