Horne Lake

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Access at Horne Lake is a sensitive issue, and the area is officially closed. If you choose to climb there anyways, be as respectful to the landowners as possible. A few guidelines:
Do not camp in the climbing parking lot. It is private property and illegal camping jeopardizes access for all. There is camping down the road at the Horne Lake Regional Park, or a multitude of other discrete spots to park for the night.

If the parking lot is full, or you can't get your car up the rutted out path to the parking lot, *do not* park on the road. Park at the camp ground and walk up. Horne Lake road is an active logging road and parking on the road jeopardizes access for all.

Please also respect the fire closures which sometimes take place in July and August. Check the status of the access on the strata website (hornelake.bc.ca) before visiting during these months.

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