Tale of Two Guys – 5.13c

30m / 98ft

Description: edit

Hard (chipped to 12d) to start and an enduro finish. The line to the right of Dr Seuss.

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  • 5.13c
  • 5.13c
  • 5.13c
    Such a great feeling to get to the chains on this. Hard opening and closing with great climbing in between. Jumped on the caboose after m.lee sent gq. Def 13c.
  • 5.13c
    Boom!!!!! 8th burn! Over three weekends! So psyched. Love working this with my homie mike! So close dude!!
  • 5.13c
    Sounds like a lot has changed since the FA bringing the grade up a couple notches. Getting to the first bolt has the hardest move for this short guy but the last bolt to the chains is all business too. Lots of good climbing once you're past the opening moves.