The Running Man – V3


SDS Start on the jug rail to the left hand side of the large opening. Traverse right to the large opening and top out by squeezing into the hole.

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Recent Sendage:

  • V2
    Weird but amazing classic.
  • V3
    threw a dirty knee in there lol. fun
  • V3
    It's cool for what it is. Fun experience doing some whacky climbing through a portal into a different dimension. To me felt hard 2/ easy 3 but more technical then difficult. Kneebarred myself tightly inside and reached.
  • V2
    climbed it alone after rain pushed crew to gunt harder to get down then up but magical experience seeing the sun come back out through the hole.
  • V3
    It's pretty polished now, if you're larger make sure to really squeeze those shoulders.