Magnificent Rhythm – V9

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Low start to Big Stone on Dyke Surfer Boulder. Crimpy with big moves and bad feet. The other Magnificent Rhythm that Simon did is actually called Prision Break, v10. Both put up by Harry Robertson. Given V9 in the book, not V10.

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  • V9
  • V9
  • V9
    First of the grade. People say it's a tad soft, but I guess I'll just have to send more nines to confirm! Was there when "Clint Eastwood" sent, and for him I could see why he called it a 6 with his height, but I don't think it deserves a big downgrade.
  • V9
    Took longer than it should have. Could be easily flashed with the right beta!
  • V6
    If you take Magnificent Rhythm as a V9, you can't even be fooling yourself. Remember the beating Defender of the Faith doled out on your ass? Yeah. That's what V9 feels like.