Horne Stars – 5.12d

Description: edit

The furthest left route in the amphitheater. The route trends leftwards above the Century Wall. Watch for loose rock near the top.

Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12d
    I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this route. Didnt feel too chossy due to more traffic over the years. Climbed it with no knee bars, feels like 12d that way.
  • 5.13a
    This is much harder than subdivisions and stormtroopers, and harder than pushers. 3 boulder problems in a row separated by poor rests. Crux comes at the roof but sustained to the anchors. Kinda chossy, broke a couple of holds. Not fantastic.
  • 5.12c
    The last standalone route for me to send in the amphitheater. One more linkup to go (a stressful day at the office). Then mystery projects :-D. Horne Stars felt a lot easier once I figured out some technical trickery. Moves are similar in difficulty to the other 12s there. I say solid 12+.
  • 5.12d
    Great climb! Felt more like 12d to me due to multiple cruxes and few rests in between. Fun and varied movement with a very cool topout - a great addition. I am giving it four Horne Stars!
  • 5.12c
    3rd try. There are probably some knee bars that could be used but I don't think they would help in the cruxy upper section. Fealt more like 12d to me. For sure harder than the other 12's on this wall...whatever the grade it is well worth doing. The exposure up top is awesome!