The Gunt – V11

Description: edit

Sit start on really sharp crimps, and work out the bulge on nasty open hand slopers to gain two nasty pinches at the lip. A big long move up to a sloping edge, then top out onto a shelf before the top of the boulder.

Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    A Glen Classic! Took me 2 sessions to put this bad boy to rest. Such an epic power endurance line with amazing movement. Although I haven't done many problems at this grade, it seemed a touch soft for V10. From the start to the lip is probably V6/7, turning the lip is the only crux unless you punt the last move (like most people do). A lot of people use some really far feet for the move to the sloper above the lip. Jack Szumilas showed me some older beta that involved doing a bicycle on this huge block out left. It worked really well for me, it just requires more pinch and lock off strength I also did a bunch of weird drop knee stuff when I was turning the lip. Try all the beta out there, the crux seemed impossible until I found what worked.
  • V10
    Been waiting around almost a month to get back on this thing - weather has been brutal. Absolutely psyched to get this done before the end of the year :D. You have to give this thing your all from the moment you pull off the ground. Movement and holds are quality. Grading ... I went with the new guide book and talking to others with more V11 experience. Personally, this is likely the hardest thing I have done at the glen to date.
  • V11
    Took quite a bit of work to get this done. It finally went!
  • V11
    Wonderful boulder problem. Couldn't flash. Highly recommended.
  • V11
    Climbs way better than it looks