Ginger Goodwin – 5.13a

30m / 98ft, 14 bolts
FA: Samuel Martin - 2020-05-27


Starts on Dissidence. At the ledge, clip the chain draw straight above. Ginger Goodwin was a Cumberland coal miner and labour activist who led the push for better working conditions and increased pay. He was also a principled opponent to the military draft, and was eventually killed by the Dominion Police (predecessor to the RCMP) during a draft roundup. His death inspired the first ever general strike across Canada.

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Recent Sendage:

  • 5.13a
    Great line. After a tough 12b start you get into more horne lake style of climbing. Pysched for that extension.
  • 5.13a
    2nd ascent. Dissidence is the real crux, just victory climbing from the ledge to the anchors... But really, this climbs excellently, a pump fest 13 and the extension will be mega. Even with the softy beta ;)
  • 5.13a
    2020-05-27 (FA)
    Really stoked on this, it climbs quite nicely. The only problem is that it doesn't finish at the top of the wall. I nearly fell clipping the chains, and fell off the last move of the final boulder problem on the attempt before. Time to take it to the top of the wall!