Fast Cat – 5.13c

12 bolts


One of two extensions to You Enjoy Myself (11a), shares the first bolt with Moment of Silence, (13c) which continues rightwards. Fast Cat moves leftwards and joins Globetrotters at the lip of the cave, then finish for Globe.

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Recent Sendage:

  • 5.13b
    The sendage haiku, The Trifecta in a day, Soft routes must not stay, Here is my final grenade, Now Squamish parade
  • 5.13c
    First 13 after the foot surgery and the hardest climb to date.
  • 5.13c
    Such rad climbing on the roof section. Both burly and technical. Then there's the drop down campus move.... Maybe a little harder than Globe due to the rests being a little less relaxing. But there is still the opportunity to recover really well where it is needed. Went faster than I thought thanks to having the Globe crux pretty dialed.
  • 5.13b
    Super funky kneebars on this one! I thought it was a little harder than globe. My send of globe was very controlled, but on this I almost fell on every move after the breadloaf. I literally thought I was falling, but then the handjam stuck! Still almost fell getting the clipping hold.
  • 5.13c
    This route turned into a mini-obsession over the fall. We came over on the ferry at least one weekend day for five weeks in a row... and I finished it off on what was likely our last day at Horne this season. Magical golden sunlight, beautiful weather, and Graham sending his project as well led to a day that couldn't have been more perfect.