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  • 5.12a
  • 5.12a
    Surreal setting
  • 5.12a
    sat on a real nice stalactite
  • 5.12a
  • 5.12a
    First 7a!!! Last climb, last day. Cleaned the draws with a headlamp. Got half way up the first time and got all bloody trying to knee bar. I ended up with massively pumped forearms and biceps and didn't think I would get it this trip. Came back three days later. Got to the second to last bolt on the second try, sent on the third with the draws in (except for the last one.) Didn't bother wasting time with the kneebars. Found a good rest at the double tufas. Climbing in the bowl is such a weird feeling. You lose track of where up and down is. Super cool.