Cardiac Arete – 5.10d

100m / 328ft

Description:   (under review)

4 Pitches - takes a 60m, 12 draws (bring 14 jic)
Pitch 1: 10b, 25m
Pitch 2: 10c, 30m
Pitch 3: 10d, 25m
Pitch 4: 10d, 25m
Caution in the summer months when approaching the spire, on the scree slope you are walking in the firing range. When the day warms (starting as early as 7am) the ice melts and rock weathers, causing large amounts of rocks to shoot down the slope. Highly advised to take the obvious scramblers trail down or to leave early enough to avoid rock dodgeballs.

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Recent Sendage:

  • 5.10d
    A fantastic and memorable late season day out with Ainers. Led P2/3/4. Approach: Although warm, 2in of fresh snow guarded the already nasty scree slope (which released all day) and pushed my bounds of whats an acceptable hazard to take. Climb: Shockingly good rock quality throughout, well bolted, and absolutely mind boggling exposure. The world falls away from under you multiple times as you step out onto the arete, spectacular. Grades felt wack honestly, imho: P1:10b P2:10d+ P3:10c P4:10d
  • 5.10d
    Possibly one of the best multi-pitch routes anywhere. The exposure and quality of climbing are unmatched. A must do. Approach slopes are a bowling alley constantly spewing rocks all day in the later summer months - use extreme caution. | Also, since it's impossible to park at Moraine now, the approach from Paradise valley is definitely recommended. Very flat and relaxing hike to lake Annette, then Sentinel pass. Roughly 3-3.5 hour approach on an easy, beautiful trail.
  • 5.10d
    As good as it gets. Amazing day
  • 5.10d
    Today was great. Great climbing, great company, great pictures, and great vibes even with the ups and downs. Pitch 1: was as good as I remember from bailing last year due to bad weather - claiming the onsight still, sue me. Pitch 2: felt harder than wicked gravity idk. Pitch 3: friggin proud of u Squid. Pitch 4: good fun, reachy and so fun hitting the summit.
  • 5.10d