Black Crag is secreted nicely in the forest just above and left of the popular 5.10 mecca of Leaning Tree. In many ways Black Crag is to 5.8 climbing on Quadra what Leaning Tree is to 5.10. Excellent rock, interesting climbing, strenuous in places but the routes aren't quite as continuous. The rock face has one large, main bulge that the climbs centre around.

Directions / Travel Info:

Follow the well-worn climbers' path up the hill from the Beech's Mountain Trail as for Manzanita and The Great Wall. On the first open, mossy bluff ignore the left-trending tread to Manzanita and keep heading straight up the mossy bluffs toward Leaning Tree. The path enters the forest at the base of a steep draw. To the right is Leaning tree Edge. Keep heading up the draw just a further 30m directly to the base of Black Crag. Please keep to the path switchbacks to avoid erosion. There have been a couple of sprained ankles where people cut corners on the steep ground, please use the trail.

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