Quadra Island

146 Sport Climbs, 23 Trad Climbs, 9 Boulder Problems


Quadra Island is the main Island in the Discovery Islands archipelago. It has about 2,700 year round residents and is a popular place for tourists because it's accessible, has lots of high quality outdoor activities and arts related things to do and see.

The highest concentration of climbing routes is at Chinese Mountains where there are over 260 climbs developed. With the excellent trail network doing the heavy lifting the access to the crags is pretty straightforward although newcomers will want to pay close attention to the guidebook descriptions to navigate the maze of paths through the forest between the crags.

There is granite and volcanic andesite found on Quadra Island. Because of the rain-shadow effect of the Vancouver Island mountains and mostly south-facing exposure the rock is surprisingly clean and dry for coastal BC. The locals pretty-much climb every month of the year. The rock character is outstanding and combined with the spectacular scenery this area is one of the best climbing areas in the Vancouver Island region.

Most of the anchors are set up with more traditional climbing practices in mind, meaning that it's expected that a leader will belay a second from the top anchor and the team will then descend by walking off or rappelling. Only a few climbs are set up gym-style with over-the-edge-anchors for lead & lower. This suits the character of the crags and ledges, is the intent of the developers to fit with the multi-pitch skills and experience found here, and generally does facilitate easier access for setting top ropes. Bring slings and locking carabiners and be prepared to set up your own equalized anchors.

Detailed guidebook is available from Wild Isle Publications: http://www.wildisle.ca/quadrarockclimbs/index.html

Directions / Travel Info:

To reach Quadra Island take the short 10 minute ferry from Campbell River to Quathiaski Cove.

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