Young Blood – 5.13a

15m / 49ft, 6 bolts


This climb starts to the climbers right of Dreamcatcher, the best belay being from the ground below about 10-15m. Climb through a roof, pull the lip, then balance your way up through a very technical crux.

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Recent Sendage:

  • 5.13a
    Kept numbing out on the upper slab crimps. Finally managed to warm up enough to put it down on the fifth attempt. First of the grade.
  • 5.13a
    Two contrasting boulder problems on top of each other. Felt nails hard when I first tried it, but came together quickly and went down in 6 or 7 sessions thanks to patient belays and a few encouraging pep talks. I learned a lot about projecting. (First of grade!)
  • 5.13a
  • 5.13a
    First 13 in a day! I never thought I'd ever climb a route on this boulder haha
  • 5.13a
    Ridiculously excited to finish this one tonight - this summer has been so busy and time for projecting just hasn't been there, so I was thrilled to find time to spend a few evenings on this lovely line. Thanks to Jake for the catch tonight :D