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FA: Jaces - 2020-05-27


Backstory: Vertical Reality used to be a climbing gym located on Victoria Island in Ottawa, founded by the great Peter Slivka in 1993. When he moved back to Slovakia, his daugther Petra took over in 2011. It was one of the last 'oldschool' gym in Canada. Countless friendships and relationships were forged throughout the years. Like many others, VR is where I started climbing and it quickly became home.
After my trip to Squamish in 2015, I decided to apply to work there and Petra hired me on the spot. After a couple years, I became the headsetter which allowed me to be in direct contact with our friendly community.
At the end of 2018, we were announced by the NCC that we had to close doors on the 31st of December with only 3 months notice. It was a devastating news to the community and disruptive to many friend groups, including mines...
The following year, I moved to Squamish to start a new life. Unfortunately, it didn't took long before everything shut down due to Covid. To me, it was an opportunity to explore un-done lines and start brushing boulders again.
I went on a rampage and brushed more or less 30 boulders such as A Piece Of Life, The Veteran, Isolation Is The Gift and so on.
One day, while I was facing Detached flake, I looked up the hill and saw a what seemed to be a large slab. I headed there right away and cleaned Narooto and Chased By Sas on the way. Once arrived at the boulder, I instantly saw Hard To Get on its east face. The whole slab was full of moss so I rappeled down and cleaned it. Doing so also opened my eyes to The World Is An Old Place. The stoke was so high and I was ready to leave but I decided to have a quick look around.
And there it was, one of the most unreal feature I've ever seen in the whole sea to sky corridor. The perfect V shape. Right away, I knew, this was going to be one classic line.
Naming it Vertical Reality was the most sincere and thoughful "hommage" I could possibly give to what once was a safe place. I'm more than grateful to have shared this find with the local community and to witness so many climbers immortalizing it.
Seeing this line in the new guidebook is for me the most meaningful highlight of my climbing career.
Enjoy and "Go Climb A Rock" ;)

Update : The big tree trunk that used to lean on the topout slid down which offers a natural seat to hangout while your friends are climbing !!!

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