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  • V7
    Did it with the real sit start instead of getting the kneebar in from the pads. I wonder how long the holds left on the face will last...
  • V7
    Figured out individual moves with Meredith and Amanda at the end of Jakes rampage day but didn't try to link anything. Wasn't sure if it'd go super quickly or be one of those climbs that is really hard to link. Turns out it was the former. Second go from the ground today. By any metrics (perceived effort, number of attempts, etc) this climb was not very hard for me, but it is the hardest number I've climbed in Wayco Tengs or the US, so ya... I dunno. Every move on the climb is either a kneebar, heel hook or toe hook, maybe that's why it felt so ridiculously soft. Personal grade v4?
  • V7
    Single session. Had actually given up for the day, but then a couple people arrived and convinced me to hang out to try a bit more. Used the more power, less trickery beta.
  • V7
    Better than it looks. Second or third go.
  • V7
    Sent in reality, but embarrassed myself off of the climb in my mind.