Special Forces Club – 5.13b

10m / 33ft, 6 bolts


Continually tricky moves leading to a building pump at the top. Quality for the grade.

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  • 5.13b
  • 5.13c
    One of my new favorite climbs in Squamish; it's a very enjoyable climb to work on that is short but sustained. I decided to rage upgrade this, it felt harder to me than other 8as around here. I couldn't do the normal bump sequence through the crux moves and had come up with a crimpier sequence that added several additional hand and foot moves through the crux. Great to have Sam and Jannat up at the crag to support the send. Many good times with homies over the last sessions!
  • 5.13b
  • 5.13b
    The most sustained mini-route around - put up more of a fight than it felt like at first!
  • 5.13b
    So good! Unique with sustained bouldery moves on finely-grained granite. Psyched to flow up this today. Bring your big biceps!