Recent Sendage:

  • V5
    Unsure of how to start but I did left on the side pull and right on a flat edge. One move crux before going into the og line. Very cool and committing move up top. If Airtight Garage is a V7 this is like a V5 hard.
  • V7
    The start move felt so chill today. The climbing up high is really great, foot rockover and then thumbing the undercling. A slice of cake the night before my birthday.
  • V7
    My first granite v7 flash! Spent a lot of time scoping feet and the potential sequence. Really wanted to give it a good effort and it paid off. A nice change of pace from mega-projecting!
  • V7
  • V7
    Excellent after the start. Started from left crimps. Right start seems very reachy.