Primal Urge – V10


Start down low on the ramp left of "Defender of the Faith". Move right using bad holds and do the same finish as "Defender of the Faith"

Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    So sick to start the send train on this with Sammy! Such a dope last day out before the rain!
  • V10
    Wow! So glad to finally have sent this one. Many sessions falling off that last move. Last night I repped the top move twice then sent first go, but still kinda missed the top hold and had to crimp a small edge.
  • V10
    Um this was actually pretty tough
  • V10
    Still don’t know how to heel hook
  • V10
    4th or 5th try after doing Defender of Faith. Also a really sweet line! Cool sloper surfing and heel hooks lead into Defender. Not a lot harder then Defender but just as fun.