Overdrive – V11

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Link the starting hold of The Bulb into Sharma's Arete. Pumpy.

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  • V11
    I hate power endurance. This climb is good for me.
  • V11
    really nice movement with some pump factor for the last moves. super good.
  • V11
    Fun session with Nathan! Such a fun boulder.
  • V11
    What an epic journey! So many session battling sweaty summer conditions. But always with great friends. Funny that I sent the first time I tried this problem alone. I had just given up for the day when a cool breeze picked up so I decided to give it one more go. I went from thinking this problem was just ok to absolutely loving it by the end of the process. A real learning experience for me on a style I'm weak at.
  • V11
    Pretty neat-o