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  • V10
    Why do I always have the strangest beta...... Who know's? I managed to get it the second day on after punting 3 times the day prior. With the bottom dialed, I did a little out-of-the-box thinking for the top out, then fired it off first redpoint burn of the day. Truly a spectacular bloc. I was stoked to climb it every time I pulled on!!
  • V10
    Definitely the most visually appealing line at Big Rock. Amazing 3D features. It's certainly compression, but a lot more technical and beta intensive than I think it gets credit for. Honestly didn't feel like it was that much harder than other compression blocs in AB like Squeezing, Dragon Fire, or Little Worm, but big squeezies are definitely my style.
  • V10
    Fun process on this one! Lots of micro beta.
  • V10
    What a beauty climb! Stoked to get this one done and satisfying to do the full topout
  • V10
    Many lessons learned, sick to send a roof compression v10. Took it right to the top.