Metamorphosis – V10

FA: Ethan Salvo - 2019-08-11


Start standing left of Black Eagle with a left hand crimp and right hand undercling. Keep tension as you match the pinch to the right, then shoulder your way into the starting jug for Black Eagle. Finish as Black Eagle.

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Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    First of the grade, 4 sessions.
  • V10
    2 additional sessions, strength and positioning.
  • V10
    My first outdoor double-digit boulder. Took me 3 sessions after sending Black Eagle. Despite the cruxes of Metamorphosis suiting my climbing style, I had to train my power endurance in the past couple of weeks and learn specific breathing rhythm on it.
  • V10
  • V10
    Pretty sick climb. Went down very quick after messing around with it a bit in December. 3rd try today!