Metamorphosis – V12

FA: ethansalvo - 2019-08-11

Description: edit

Start standing left of black eagle with a left hand crimp and right hand undercling. Keep tension as you move through the 2 "good" pinches. Move into the undercling on black eagle, then shoulder your way into the jug below it. Finish as Black Eagle.

Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    Post-break solid V10. 4 hand moves into Black Eagle that probably clocks in around V8. Awkward match but feels good once you figure it out. I've always wanted to do Black Eagle feet first, this was a great excuse to do it :D. Sent In a handful of tries after sussing the Meta moves.
  • V10
    Good one, too bad it broke.. 2nd ascent. big bump beta on black eagle #tallnotstrong
  • V12
    2019-08-11 (FA)
    Crucifx Proj sent! I didn't think this was gonna go down until the fall or winter. Started left hand crimp and right hand undercling. Easily one of the best lines in the glen, such a pure line. Definitely morpho, good luck sending this if you have a wingspan under 6ft. Phoenix exit next...