Metamorphosis – V12

FA: ethansalvo - 2019-08-11

Description: edit

Start standing left of black eagle with a left hand crimp and right hand undercling. Keep tension as you move through the 2 "good" pinches. Move into the undercling on black eagle, then shoulder your way into the jug below it. Finish as Black Eagle.

Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    Good one, too bad it broke.. 2nd ascent. big bump beta on black eagle #tallnotstrong
  • V12
    2019-08-11 (FA)
    Crucifx Proj sent! I didn't think this was gonna go down until the fall or winter. Started left hand crimp and right hand undercling. Easily one of the best lines in the glen, such a pure line. Definitely morpho, good luck sending this if you have a wingspan under 6ft. Phoenix exit next...