Huey P. Newton – 5.12a

25m / 82ft, 14 bolts
FA: Samuel Martin - 2020-07-09


Starts on Wishing to Cry. Finishes on the prominent left leaning ledge. Continue past the big left leaning ledge for 'La Rage de Marcel.'

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Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12a
    Climbing Wishing to Cry into this makes for one long, strange trip. All of the big, slick buckets and climbing over the smooth, compact slabs of rock make this pitch feel like climbing up the stone facade of some cathedral. Great line; it only loses a bit for not being very sustained.
  • 5.12a
    Worth climbing "wishing to cry" to get access to this extension. Pretty burly with good rests.
  • 5.12b
    Maybe I was so distraught from Wishing to Cry that I couldn't enjoy the extension, but it continued to feel uncomfortable. Couple of big block flakes probably need to come off under the roof to make it safe. UPDATE: Samuel gave them a solid prying and says they're solid.
  • 5.12a
    Little bit awkward, little bit fun. Would climb again
  • 5.12a
    Nice climbing pulling through some steeper terrain.