Start with left hand on left facing sidepull/undercling, right hand on sloper out right. Fire up left to the crack then continue left and up. Tim Doyle's original line started with the same left hand undercling sidepull, and right hand on the tiny crimp up and left of the sloper. When the wall was rediscovered the sloper start became the norm.
FA: TD 1997

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    So stoked! A few years ago this problem felt insane for me. Progress🤘
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    anti style project finally went, after injuring my wrist on this line just under a year ago moving off of the rail I thought I'd never touch it again. Got on it today and it felt cruisy.
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    Managed this in marginal conditions. The good divot on the starting sloper was wet, so I used the remaining dry bit. It also began spitting shortly before I sent. The psych overcame the damp!
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