Dinosaur Highway – 5.14a

30m / 98ft, 15 bolts

Description: edit

The extension to Warthog (12a). Tackles a series of steep roofs through the right side of the amphitheater.

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Recent Sendage:

  • 5.14a
    Turns out I actually like wrangling pigs. You just have to do it enough so that you get good at it, then it becomes a pleasant past time. Or maybe I still hate Warthog and am just telling myself I learned to like it because I brought home the bacon and sent Dinosaur Highway, meaning that my time wrangling pigs on Warthog was indeed for the greater good? Only time and diligent self-reflection (both of which will undoubtedly drive those around me to insanity) can reveal. Anyways, I'm super stoked to tick this king line as my first 5.14, an excellent start to my 4th year as a climber!! Might be soft if you have good beta. I don't know though.
  • 5.14a
    Delightful! A 5-star journey with unique boulder problems separated by unrestful rests. One of the best climbs I've ever done. My first 14a :)
  • 5.14a
    I just barely possess the mental fortitude to climb long things with multiple cruxes. Happy to have held it together. What a stunning line!
  • 5.14a
    Who knew removing my legs from knee bars could be so beta intensive... Straight-up awesome climbing separated by knee bar rests that I found pretty weird and awkward. Surprised myself with a send as my previous highpoint was 2 bolts after the Warthog finish.
  • 5.14a
    So thrilled to finish this route off. After coming close to sending it 2.5 years ago, it felt great to finish it off today. Such an amazing route with lots of hard sections separated by rests.