ADATO – 5.14b

30m / 98ft, 15 bolts
FA: Mike Doyle - 2004-08-08


Another Day At The Office

Recent Sendage:

  • 5.14b
    Wow, the king line! Fantastic Horne style climbing. Loved the process.
  • 5.14a
    Cheeky rests, definitely 14a maybe even lower end. (I used a rest out left most people avoid which makes the ending easier)
  • 5.14b
    Boom! Great way to finish the season. End of November and not a wet hold in the amphitheatre. I struggled with the redpoint crux more than any other section on the route but some last minute beta changes made all the difference. So much non-stop steep climbing! Definitely the king line at Horne.
  • 5.14b
    The King Line of the cave! Really picked this thing apart, found 3 no-hands rests, pushed my highpoint higher every attempt until the try before I sent I punted off the very top, came down, sulked, got some words of encouragement from friends and sent next try. This climb meant a lot to me as it's one of the Canadian Dreamlines and marks my 14th 5.14.
  • 5.14b
    So much continuous steep goodness. Finally had a cool day and dry holds. This one seeps a lot.