Standing Rock Erratic

4 Boulder Problems


If you are driving across the country on the Trans Canada Highway, you will travel through a vast expanse of nothing but prairie. Standing Rock, a glacial erratic about an hour from the #1, is definitely not a destination, but it makes a pretty good spot for the traveling boulderer to stretch their legs. The lone boulder is 12-15 feet high and has about 10 problems, ranging from V0 to V5, with a couple of projects that may be harder.

Standing Rock is a historic site and there are pictographs on the boulder. While there are no access issues, it is best to keep a low profile.

Directions / Travel Info:

Standing Rock is located just outside of the small town of Hazlet, Saskatchewan. From the Trans Canada Highway, take SK-37 North at Gull Lake and follow it for 32.9 km (20.5 mi). Turn left on Hwy 332. After 14.6 km (9.1 mi) turn left into a laneway and park at its end.
Follow the obvious trail for about 500 feet to the boulder.

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