4 Boulder Problems


Saskatchewan is known as the Land of the Living Skies. It’s home to a friendly, tough, hard-working people. They get strong playing hockey and working on the farm and are hardened by the long, -40 degree winters and never ending prairie winds. The land they work is some of the richest farmland on the planet but unfortunately it might just be the flattest as well. They say it’s so flat you can watch your dog run away for 3 days; which needless to say is not very conducive to rock climbing. Despite the top half of the province being made of granite, (known as the Precambrian Shield) there is very little to climb up there and so far almost no climbing has been documented. The only thing to climb in the bottom half is gyms, trees, and the odd glacial erratic (boulders carried and deposited by glaciers) in the middle of farmers’ fields. Saskatchewan has a lot of things to offer but unfortunately, rock climbing isn’t one of them.


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