Shaw Millennium Park

53 Boulder Problems


Better than anticipated.

Create your own boulders, but for some suggestions the following info was provided by the manufacturer/installer OnSite. Suggested grades from OnSite.

Perched on square cut bases that provide board-style starting feet, the blocks are taller than they first appear and overhang slightly on all sides. All three rocks are different forms of granite. The North-most one is large-crystal white granite with slopers that will have people calculating sun angles and wind speeds to figure out the best time for sending (just like the real Squam!) The middle boulder reminds me of bow valley rock with pockets of all sizes and blocky features for compressing. The south boulder climbs like Kelowna Gneiss with it's skin friendly and in cut crimps leading to a sharp rail perfect for Dyno variations and the accompanying flapper potential. The physical closeness of all of these rock styles creates a very interesting comparison. To be able to feel the difference in style that the rock textures induce, and go between them while the sensation is still fresh in your fingers is extremely cool.

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Off 14th St.


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