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Vancouver's Top 50

As of September 2014 I have finally finished all of the technical descriptions for the forthcoming Vancouver Rock Climbing guidebook. I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the North Shore's best 50 climbs. There is a mix here of alpine, sport, trad, and boulder problems. The chances of ticking them all are slim unless you can climb 5.14b. I have tried to represent each area although there are plenty of excellent routes that are not Top 50 status. I've taken into account the quality of rock, the setting, the unique nature of each route. Hopefully in time this list will become refined; currently very few people have visited ALL the areas listed. After much thought, I have decided to go with a 3 star rating system for the guide: 1 = good 2 = great 3 = awesome or TOP50 This is a simple system that makes the most sense to me. If a route gets NO stars, then it's not good! If it gets the dreaded 'bomb' icon, well, you know aht that mean :)

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