Waterwings – V9


AKA dragons back project in the book

Recent Sendage:

  • V9
    Psyched to finish this one up after probably more sessions than it should have taken. I went with the cross beta because the right hand first beta was way scary.
  • V9
    Climbs well and feels like the obvious line to me. Really felt the board training on this one. Starting lower is Oregon as all hell
  • V9
    2nd Ascent? Book says to start at these two very contrived crimps about a foot off the ground... fuck that. Also the photo in the guidebook shows it starting on the sidepull rail (also very low) so I started from there. Sam Anglin FA'ed using the same start I did but who knows. Maybe I will come back for the contrived sit start, probably v10 range. Forrest thinks this is about v9/10 and I though v8/9 since it fit my body better because I am smaller so I think v9 is fair.