Theater Of The Absurd – V10


Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    Amazing and consistently hard.
  • V10
    Really psyched to have finished this one off. I spent a lot of time pumping off near the end. I ended up changing my beta to a thrutchy throw to the end figuring that was the kind of energy I had anyways. I went to the top on this one
  • V10
    I used the flexi-crimp out left to make the final setup a lot easier. I did climb it to the summit as well, which is not as scary or loose as I had been led to believe. Anyway, nearly did it real fast but flamed out, came back and figured out a better position for the last toss, and sent fairly easily from the start. Maybe I'm getting a little fit? A little?
  • V10
  • V10
    Really enjoyed this climb! Felt impossible when I first tried it but after all the tricky toehook and kneebar beta was sessed out it came together.