Squeezing in Silence – V8


From the Tree Hurricane boulder head mostly straight towards the cliff to find this and Mind Palace. Start with right hand on low sloping edge and left hand low on the left side, compress upwards to obvious crack and jug at the top. FA Scott Eveleigh 2021

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Recent Sendage:

  • V8
    W Compression line
  • V9
    wonderful climb - glad I finally got to it
  • V9
    This bolder was a hard battle for me and took significantly many more sessions then any other climb I have done, but overall so happy with everything and glad with how I figured out my beta! Awesome climb and finally haply to check it off my list
  • V8
    Great climb. Underestimated the last move to the good part of the rail
  • V8
    Hardest part was getting over the fear of smashing my head on the boulder behind me, still great compression climbing though.