Special Delivery – 5.12c

17m / 55ft, 5 bolts


Special Delivery, also known as "Thief in the night". Located between The Christening and Warden Cavalry. Bouldery start to a crux, then Face climbing to anchors

Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12c
    Tricky crux followed by some sustained crimping, fun one!
  • 5.12c
    This was my best send of the year. The first time I got to the crux, I had no idea what to do. Felt like a send euphoria just getting through the crux on the next session. Took quite a few burns but was very excited to get this one.
  • 5.12c
  • 5.12c
    Shouldery crux with sustained climbing, a good one!!
  • 5.12c
    Fun juggy climbing to a shouldery V5ish crux and sustained crimping to the last bolt. Took a NICE whip trying to clip the chains on my beta burn (thanks for the catch Ralphie!). Was able to cop a rest right before and shortly after the crux to redpoint this one.