Sailor Moon – 5.9

FA: Ben Rad - 2023-04-27


FA Brandon Orchard, Steve Kalf, Apr 07
Start at the little cave, pull the roof (the crux), then finish easily up the bolted corner

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    2023-04-27 (FA)
    Just checking in. THE STATE OF AFFAIRS OF ROCK CLIMBING IN THE SHUSWAP ver. 2023: a) It was a big blow to our community when Thomas and Kayla Flahr left us forever b) now it's just kids and Chad and I can't find partners and it sucks big time c) mara crags has a new link up closed project in the range of 12c-13a d) haines creek is still wallowing in obscurity but lower haines might possibly see some new development soon by the boys and me a.k.a. just me e) Corona Beach is a beach f) nothing at all is happening @ syphon creek so don't bother going there g) I have secret boulder projs everywhere, wtbu? h) sicamous crag has multiple 5.13 but needs to be re-equipped i) little addie is moving back to SA so hopefully I'll get some belays #damnkids j) I do believe there is still a secret, undiscovered crag in the area so ima keep looking 🤞 k) I love you don't come here ✌️
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    I ripped my lucky shirt :(
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