Rutabaga – 5.11a (trad)


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  • 5.11a
    this climb has been an epic saga for me. years ago, i climbed it with dan, and after clipping my ankle on the ledge below the crux, I flipped upside down and destroyed my helmet. years later, i finally decided i was strong enough to compensate for my lingering ptsd, and wrap this one up. boy was i wrong. thanks dee for putting up with an epic wobbler. i TRed the top a couple times, and finally finished it this week. still felt hard! at least my calves are amazingly toned now.
  • 5.11a
    Just climbed the first 10b pitch
  • 5.11a
  • 5.11a
    Got a bit serious right at the top.
  • 5.11a
    Just quality technical laybacking! Wonderful climb.