Resistor – 5.12a

18m / 59ft, 8 bolts


Climbing progressively gets harder. Crux at the end. Hardest route at mara Crags on the best quality rock at this area.

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Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12b
    Felt hard until I sent. Lots of micro beta
  • 5.12b
    Day 1. cleaned some poop out of a 2 finger crimp just below the chains to unlock some decade old beta Day 2. Almost broke the best jug off the wall Day 3. “ “ Day 4. “ “ Day 5. Starting to come close Day 10. Not as close as I thought Day 20. Contemplating drowning Adrian in Mara lake so he doesn’t get the send before me Day 25. Fucked at least 3 ropes falling at the crux a million times Day 30. Forest fire prevents any further attempts for a month and not sure if Adrian’s draws are melted or not Day 40. Brought a film crew to capture the send. Getting close Day 45. Still climbing on Adrian’s draws Day 50. After a long day of work, Adrian and I decided to go fall at the crux again but this time on my new rope. Back to back sends both on the 1st go of the day. Was not expecting it to go down that easy. Contemplating a down grade yolo.
  • 5.12a
    After a lot of hot Summer days of attempting this route and jumps in Mara lake. Chad and I decided to give resistor another burn with his new rope. we both rope up and give it another go. we both send first of the day yeeew!